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About Us

Rustomjee Kerawalla Foundation, a trust built with the vision to honour young people by giving them an environment to grow intellectually, artistically, athletically and morally.

We Enthuse, Enlighten and Empower: The three strong pillars that define who we are, our beliefs and our commitment towards growth and focus.


Academic Excellence

At Rustomjee Kerawalla Foundation, we have designed a comprehensive educational curriculum that is based on the best international practices.

Our focus on academic excellence extends beyond textbooks. We promote creativity, critical thinking, practical knowledge, problem-solving and interpersonal skills that empower our students to excel in various aspects of life.

We also believe in creating an environment where students also learn from their peers and through friendship.

Liberal Arts and Sports

Our constant endeavour is to challenge the normal and go beyond the ordinary. We aspire to guide our students in finding the special quality that helps them stand apart.

At our schools, we provide opportunities for our students, which are a perfect blend of curricular and co-curricular activities such as cultural and sports education. We have developed a first-of-its-kind SPA (Sports and Performing Arts) initiative that gives every child a chance to outperform, explore and grow.


Expert Teachers

We are proud to have a team of highly qualified teachers who, in their own way, are also counsellors and serve as a source of inspiration. Our teachers guide students along every step, encouraging them to excel.


Our modern and well-maintained facilities provide students with a comfortable and safe place to learn, helping to create a positive and nurturing atmosphere.

Student Teacher Ratio

We work in a small class set-up, accommodating for sufficient attention for each child. This approach allows for personalized attention and fosters a close student-teacher relationship.

Academic Content

We continually review and enhance our academic content to ensure that it aligns with the latest educational standards and best practices. Our content is well-suited to:

  • Map progress both personal and academic
  • Benchmarking achievements that act as motivational tools
  • Diagnosing learning disabilities
  • Assist students with their own progress
  • Provide guidance for parents

Technology Solutions In Education

We leverage digital resources, e-learning platforms and interactive tools to make learning more engaging and effective. This approach ensures that students are well-prepared for the digital age and can adapt to evolving technological trends.